Lune Mode will be finally launching on 12/08; the emergence of Decembers unparalleled moon cycle! due to an unexpected family emergency, our launch had been previously delayed and we Thank you with our whole hearts for your patience and understanding. we pinky promise 12/08 is the official date and that we were undoubtedly worth the wait! follow our instagram page below for important announcements such as: giveaways, holidays events and discount codes! yay! 

Feel free to wander; however Please keep in mind that our website is not yet complete. products, pricing and information may not reflect accurately.

Lune Mode will have all of the amazing things that your metaphysical heart desires; hundreds of various, breathtaking, hand picked crystals waiting to be adopted by you; sage that's used to cleanse the spirit, space and all of your pretty little things; 
handmade crystal jewelry that enhances your beauty and provides positive, transformational energy 
wherever you adventure to, and so much more is in store waiting just for you! Please Check back super soon loves and thank you for your understanding and support! I'll see you before the new moon rises and I get to make all of your crystallizing dreams come true!

Questions or curiosities? connect with me via chat or send me a message on instagram @lunemodecrystals